TriWind’s capability with our highly skilled IT resources and our rich and diverse experience in cloud deployments, we can design the best of strategy for you to manage your Cloud Infrastructure. We understand the dynamics needs of changing technology and its requirements for stable and secure infrastructure. We understand the infrastructure and its optimum utilization to make your infrastructure secure, optimum, reliable and scalable.


Our Expertise as Cloud Infrastructure Providers

TriWind’s Data Center is ideally located in Selangor, well connected to the rest of the Klang Valley via major expressways such as LDP, NKVE, DUKE highway, making it accessible to all.  Our Data Center, being truly carrier neutral, offers high quality, scalable data center solution, customized to fit customer requirements with net usable space exceeding 7,000 sq ft per floor.

Our Data center can provide a minimum of N+1 configuration and concurrent maintainability for both critical power and cooling systems and will be able to support multiple clusters of high end and hi-tech data center facilities. The facility is designed with high end infrastructure to support the critical data center operations in event of any emergencies.

With security design in mind, access is a single point of entry, 24×7 hours with security facilities equipped with controlled access & surveillance security cameras as well as perimeter hardened wall structure, Our Data Center will be security tight, with zero tolerance for security breaches.

Features at a glance:

Tier-3 Data Center

  • HA (High Availability) infrastructure Self Service Portal
  • High Speed Storage IOPs Network Firewall
  • Elastic Compute Storage
  • 24×7 Technical Command Center
    Archival Storage Daily Server Backup
  • Disaster Recovery on Different Locations

Our Services


·       [3.3.1]  Infrastructure as a service
·       [3.3.2]  Backup as a service
·       [3.3.3]  Disaster recovery as a service
·       [3.3.4]  Object Storage
·       [3.3.5]  Co Location
·       [3.3.6]  Microsoft Azure