Why HR Transformation

HR Transformation transforms the role HR plays in the organization. It’s creates the reassessment of your operating model and boost its capabilities.

HR Transformation Solutions combines smarter people strategies with emerging technologies and a connected human experience to deliver a transformation that is built to last.

HR Transformation prepares for the next, it creates a balance and efficiency – delivering value and creating a future agenda.

HR Transformation Scope

HR digital transformation is not just about HR, it’s a transformation that involves organizations as a whole.

HR Transformation with TriWind

Enabling your HR services with the right technologies takes a special combination of HR domain knowledge, process expertise and technology savvy. Our experienced team balances the importance of technical architecture and use of emerging technologies with a deep understanding of HR functionality, processes and user expectations.

TriWind can help guide you through your digital HR transformation journey using leading HRM Cloud Solutions.

HR Transformation Roadmap

  • HR Technology – With TriWind deep understanding and rich experience, we will work you through your HR technology requirements and also optimizes your technology and service delivery.
  • A Complete Package – TriWind unparalleled experience and proven track record we will guide you through the entire HR technology lifecycle from RFP development, technology selection and contract negotiations.
  • Service Delivery Expertise – TriWind service delivery expertise helps you better understand your delivery options and create the right end-to-end employee experience.
  • Automation– TriWind expertise helps you identify and automate HR processes to improve HR efficiency, effectiveness and creates a platform for quick ROI.
  • Deployment and Oversight – TriWind will work with you to ensure a successful deployment with sound and methodical planning and oversight for your successful transformation.
  • Support and Maintenance –TriWind with its dynamic team will provide you best of support to enhance your delivery options and design the optimal maintenance organization.

HR Solution Features

One-Click Reporting

A successful HR solution is one that generate all reports and returns automatically on a single click ranging from Bank Submission, Cash/Cheque payouts, Statutory, General Ledger Integration and all government compliance submission forms. TriWind provides a proven and tested leading HRM cloud solution which have all bases covered.

Human Capital Reporting

TriWind provides HRM solution which have a real-time overview on a dashboard to see all components related to Human Resource Tracking. It also provides Excel reporting tools to make or plan your human capital movement.

Payroll Instant Checker

TriWind HRM cloud caters for mistakes and takes care of them with a unique alert feature that reports unpaid employees, pending transactions, incomplete employee profile or a negative payout, and many more. Auto-checker feature checks hundreds or thousands of employee’s data with a swift click of a button.

Face Recognition Attendance

TriWind HRM clouds provides a real-time basis attendance feature using the latest face-recognition technology. Your staff can now check-in through the face recognition app on their mobile phone.

Bluetooth Beacon Attendance

The Bluetooth beacon is the new replacement for a punch card system. The staff just needs to download the HRMS App and attendance can be done through Bluetooth tech and connected to a beacon placed at your place of your work.

Cloud Based Solution

TriWind offers HRM cloud solution for flexibility to access anywhere, anytime. The cloud solution help to increase collaboration making your time more efficient with less administrative task.

Secure & Encrypted

Protecting HR data is critical as it contributes to better resource planning and improved leadership decisions that add value to the company. TriWind HRM cloud have multiple layers of security and defense to protect users and safeguard the data.