TriWind’s On-premises computing solution in which your organization would deploy and maintain all of your IT infrastructure in your own facility.  On-premises computing allows an organization to deploy private clouds or hybrid clouds and have full control over its infrastructure.

On-premises refers to the use of the company’s own servers and IT environment on site within their facility. This model gives a high level of security and control over data and it’s suitable for companies that have to maintain high level of data secrecy and privacy.

TRIWINDs offers an efficient, cost effective and scalable solution for on premises private cloud deployment with state of art security. A reliable solution that delivers performance with accurate resource calculations.

On Premise Computing Benefits

In House Deployment

All applications are deployed in-house and within an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. An enterprise is responsible for choosing and maintaining the solution and all its related processes


In an on-premises environment, enterprises retain all their data and are fully in control of what happens to it. No third-party actor has any access or role in data privacy thus gives greater control.


On-Premises is the most secure option for companies that have extra sensitive information and have a higher degree of security and privacy requirement. On-premises data security has no match with any other deployment model available in the market

One-time costs

On-premises is a one-time expense and doesn’t have to pay annual or monthly fees and resources acquired can be used unlimitedly and as per requirement.

Access Control

On-premises gives the company complete access control to the IT infrastructure. Thus, allow a greater degree of security and control over IT assets.


On-Premise solution gives greater independence. Access to data is always ensured even without an internet connection.

On Premise Options

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